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Getting to Tainan

Most overseas flights arrive Taiwan at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). It is a 4-5 hour drive from TPE to Shangri-la’s Far Eastern Hotel but only 1 hour and 30 minutes by the Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR). You can also find taxis, minibuses, and limousine services on the ground floor of the international arrival halls but these are quite expensive.

Here are some recommended connection from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) to the venue:




Traveling to Taiwan

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is a major hub in Asia and located just south of Taipei. Overseas PAPS attendees should plan their reservations around this easy to reach airport. 

Taipei to Tainan

One you get to TPE, you have a several options for the next leg of your journey.  The train is the most efficient and easiest mode of transportation. 



The most efficient and cost effective may be the train. There are two major rail operators in Taiwan – Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) and Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA). They are independent of each other with their own set of tracks and train stations.

  1. Most HSR train stations are located outside the city, so you’ll need to take a TRA train from TPE to the HSR station near the airport and another TRA train from Tainan HSR to the city center
  2. You can check the Taiwan High Speed Rail website for a schedule of trains to Tainan from wherever you are. You can then purchase your ticket as early as four weeks in advance via their 24 hour booking system. Like TRA train tickets, it’s a good idea to get your ticket as early as you can. Check out the online ticketing page of the HSR website for more information.

Important Details getting from TPE to the venue Hotel via HSRs

  • Take Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taoyuan HSR station (Stop No. A18) (about 20min, 25 NTD).
  • From there, take HSR to Tainan HSR Station  (about 90 min, 1190 NTD)
  • In-station Transfer to  Shalun Train station (TRA) (3 min by walk)
  • Take the TRA train to Tainan station  (about 22 min, 25 NTD)
  • Total time: ~135 min
  • Total expense: ~ 1240 NTD


Traveling by bus may be the cheapest option but it can take quite a long time. Fares may vary depending on the bus company, so please check the Taiwan Highway Bus website for information on fares, routes, and traveling times.

Hotel Limousine Pick-up

Please refer to the hotel webpage (http://www.shangri-la.com/tainan/fareasternplazashangrila/about/map-directions/) and make your reservation when booking your room.


Example: Taipei to Tainan Fares ( fares subject to change)

From Taipei Fare Travel Time Website
HSR TRAIN NTD 1,160 1 hr 30 mins HSR
BUS NTD 460 8 hrs Bus
Taxi NTD 7000 4-6 Hrs N/A
Rental NTD 7500 4-6 hrs By rental car agency

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